Refering to the Lorman Lumber Co. Case (case is found on

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Question: Refering to the Lorman Lumber Co. Case (case is found on google) 1. What are ben’s responsibiliti…
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1. What are ben’s responsibilities in this situation? Note: You
can apply the general standards in the IMA Statement of Ethical
Professional Practice to help you identify specific
responsibilities for Ben in this situation

2. Perform an economic cost-benefit analysis of whether or not
capital should be invested in the “closed cycle” system. Clearly
state your decision and conclusion from your analysis. Prepare a
net present value (NPV) analysis and a payback period analysis as
part of your economic analysis. (The NPV and payback period
analyses can be organized neatly in an appendix to your case
analysis. A reader of your case should be able to follow your work
and computations. You can use an excel spreadsheet. The results of
your appendix analyses can be referenced in the body of your case
to support your decision.)

3. Assess the impacts of your decision:

-What benefits/harms result and to whom?

-What rights are being exercised (denied) and by (to) whom?

-Do these impacts modify or change your decsion? How?

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